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Valpolicella DOC wines direct sales
Our History
  Young soldier returned from War of 1915-1918, Giuseppe Gonella, agriculturist from Asti ( Piedmont, Italy ), travels on the beautiful hills of Valpolicella, where he meets grandmother Natalia, owner of vineyards in San Peretto. Giuseppe marries Natalia and starts activity of wine-making in the 1930's.
At the beginning his collaborators are families of métayers , residents in the adjoining farmhouse.
In the 50's Giuseppe and Natalia's son, Giovanni, starts to manage the firm . Person of big cordiality, lives together with family of his sister, Maria; Giovanni conveys his passion of vine-grower to the nephews Giorgio and Giuseppe.
They, with the experience of uncle Giovanni, learn how to produce those wines who are boast of Valpolicella.
In the 70's Giorgio and Giuseppe finish high-school and, finished the métayage, become to work in the vineyards of uncle Giovanni. Then the brothers bring improvements in the tillage of vineyards and in the production and refinement of wines.
In 2006, when uncle Giovanni dies, Giorgio and Giuseppe register trade-mark "Corte Gonella " and carry on the wine activity with passion and care, that are been conveyed to Paolo, Giorgio's son, too.
Giorgio, Giuseppe and Paolo carry on family tradition with persevering enthusiasm.
Az. Agr. "CORTE GONELLA" di Costato Giorgio & Giuseppe
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